Traumahealing and Constellational Process Work as Navigational Tool for the Evolution of Your True Self

Johannes B. Schmidt

“Inner navigation” is about the importance of being able to rely on our embodied inner compass to find our way in a complex and fast changing world. The book makes aware the need to connect to the inner reality of ourselves in a time which is so much oriented towards the outside. It gives a wealth of background information about what we need to be aware of to efficiently discover, structure and connect to this uncharted inner territory. Moreover, it describes our interconnectedness with a larger, encompassing reality-field whose acknowledgement is important for the effective calibration of the inner navigational system. It touches on the relevance of refined body awareness, knowledge about traumahealing, and understanding of our systemic interdependency as indispensable tools to dis-cover our true self. This book is a printed process and offers the condensed experience of the author about personal transformation, empowerment, and peaceful settlement into who we are.

Diese Buch ist als Hardcover oder als eBook erhältlich.

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