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Academic Paper: System Theory and Mystical Kabbalah

This paper outlines two different wholistic approaches, namely systemic theory and mystical Kabbalah. Both theories describe wholeness, as opposed to dissectional analysis, and the abstract totality of diverse realities. Key ideas of systemic theory, complexity theory and chaos theory, as well as the Universal Mystical Heritage of Humankind, the Kabbalah, are being explored. This exploration helps to reveal resemblances and differences. The comparison of the two approaches deepens our understanding of the interconnectedness and wholistic nature of reality. It challenges our perception and habitual heuristic to relate to the internal and external world. It requires that we incorporate and experience reality rather than think about it. Finally, the comparison helps us to integrate seemingly disparate points of view.

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Publication:  From Constellation Work To Your True Self

Johannes B. Schmidt • 2005
The Artikel From Constellation Work To Your True Self presents the author's experience of the transition from constellational family dynamics to body based constellational process work for reconnetion with your true self.

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Verbindungen von Systemaufstellungen und Somatic Experiencing

Johannes B. Schmidt • Erschienen in "Praxis der Systemaufstellung" • 1/2004
Der Artikel beschreibt die Verbindung von Trauma-Arbeit (Somatic Experiencing) und Systemaufstellungen. Trauma-Arbeit stellt eine unverzichtbare Ergänzung und Erweiterung von Aufstellungsarbeit dar.

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Sexual Abuse: Case Studies

Johannes B. Schmidt • Published in Systemic Solution Bulletin 2001/2. London
Sexual abuse and its inherent potential for trauma are often encountered in family systems work. This article is about some of my experiences in finding my way through constellations where sexual abuse was involved.

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