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A Foundational Training in Integrative Trauma Resolution

A fifteen day experiental training in three modules in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Trauma resolution work has become a major focus in the field of psychotherapy for several years. Not only has the understaning of complex-, shock-, and attachment trauma sharpened the sense of trauma prevalence but has also helped understand clients in a different way and from a somatic perspective. At the same time, the expansion of body-based treatments, interpersonal neurobiology, or mindfulness approaches have offered new healing approaches to facilitators. The understanding of dysregulation in the autonomic nervous system, dissociative impairments, and regulation deficits requires moderation skills of the therapists that go clearly beyond the use of language and cognition alone.

Consequently, the inner state of the therapeutic facilitator, his/her right-hemispheric, and preverbal interaction skills as well as his/her own regulatory state have received attention.

In accordance with these developments, this trauma training places high emphasis on how to build self-regualtion in clients and in facilitator alike, so that later trauma exposure, emotional co-regulation, building of a functional self, and integration of life experience can take effect. Only with a sound understanding of the effect chain from co-regulation to self-regulation can interaffectivity, interdependence, reciprocal interaction, empathy, or self-reference be integrated as a real and reliable life experience.

This training focuses on self-regulation and considers the inner working of the facilitator as a relevant key for therapeutic resolutions. An integrative approach is being taught that comprises knowlege areas from interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, developmental psychology, trauma resolution research, somatic understanding, self-regulation theories, epigenetics, mindfulness practice, intersubjectivity, insights from gerotranscendence, systemic theory, as well as a spiritual/transcendent understanding to hold the severest trauma.

Please note: The foregoing outlines some basics for understanding and engaging in trauma resolution work. However, for effective, professional, and responsible applicaton of this work a sound knowlege of dissociative phenomena, and toxic shame dynamics is paramount. This can/will be offered in extra seminars and is not included in the foundational curriculum described here.

The course will consist of theory, demonstrations, small group practices and required reading.


Johannes Benedikt Schmidt

Seminar Presenter:

I am delighted that Johannes Benedikt Schmidt has agreed to return to Canada in 2020 to conduct a 15 day training in trauma resolution. I consider it essential that all facilitators, whether of constellaitons or other modalities, have a grounded, experiential understanding of trauma. Johannes brings a gentle, lively and safe approach to his teaching and facilitating. In my trainings, I recommend his book Inner Navigation as the benchmark for teaching the process of facilitating.
Jonathan Hooton, constellations facilitator, trainer and workshop organizer.


Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, PhD, holds an M.A. in Psychology, M. A. in Human Development, and a PhD from Fielding Graduate University Santa Barbara, CA for his reseach on the Transcendent in Psychotherapy. Johannes experienced his first constellation in 1988 and subsequently was an early adopter of constellation work. He has been been working as workshop presenter, consultant, and psychotherapist for 25 years. Johannes has been trained in Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Constructivist-Systemic Work, Constellation Work, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, Structural Dissociation Work, Psychotraumatology, Subtle Self Work, and Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Johannes was originally trained in agriculture, worked for an insurance company and freelanced for consulting companies. Today, he teaches in mostly in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In 2009 Johannes came for the first time to Canada and offered seminars in Systemic Constellation Work, and Trauma Work. He facilitates solutions for individuals, companies and family businesses. He is the author of Inner Navigation – trauma healing and constellations process work as navigational tool for the evolution of your true self which can be ordered via his website http://www.aptitude-academy.com/literatur/innere-navigation.php


25. Januar 2022  –  25. Juni 2022

Module 1: Jan 25 - 29, 2022

Module 2: March 15 - 19, 2022

Module 3: June 21 - 25, 2022

9 am - 5 pm each day



Providence Renewal Centre
3005 - 119 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




$4500 ($4635 through PayPal) due by 25th November 2021
Early bird of $4200 ($4325 through PayPal) due by 1st October 2021
Or $1600 ($1650 through PayPal) per module due 2 months before each module
No refunds after 2 calendar months prior to each module
Non-refundable deposit of $250 ($260 through PayPal) to hold your place
All prices are in Canadian dollars and include GST

Anmeldung und Information

Jonathan Hooton
(780) 426 - 1508

Accommodation and meals:
Providence Renewal Centre
3005 - 119 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1 (780) 430-9491